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tradition as a principle

progress as a vocation

our history

Tradition as a principle, progress as a vocation

L’Insalata dell’Orto came about from a passion and an idea: a passion for the land, which led our family to dedicate ourselves to cultivating vegetables for generations; and an idea dating back to 1990, when we decided to expand production to greenhouse cultivation and commit to processing, transforming and packaging IV-range products.

A natural evolution happened in 2000 when we founded L’Insalata dell’Orto Srl, a company we wanted from the start to be fully compliant with regulations and standards; a company committed to embracing technology while safeguarding the environment through sustainable choices that reduce environmental impact.

The bond with our region has also allowed us to progressively grow our customer base from the Veneto Region to the rest of Italy and beyond, marketing our products through large wholesalers, mass distribution, and collective/regular catering.


While our approach to farming activities has evolved, giving the right space to technological innovations, the care and dedication to our work remain unaltered, and are the roots that help us build our success, season after season, result after result.

Our history

The passion for the land led our family to dedicate ourselves to cultivating vegetables for generations.


Production has recently expanded to edible-flower greenhouses with the initiative and dedication of Cinzia and Raffaella Busana. Our range of products stems from the passion and work of those who, like us, love what we do.


All orders placed from 12.00 on Thursday will be processed on the following Monday morning to avoid the storage of the fresh product in the DHL warehouses.Ok

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