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Rice salad

Rice salad

With the arrival of summer temperatures, we reveal the tricks of the recipe for cold dishes: rice salad. Here are the rules to avoid the most common mistakes: from flavored cooking water to the choice of the colors of the ingredients.





01) RICE: The first thing to take into consideration for the success of the dish is the quality of the rice which must remain firm and with separate grains. Varieties with fine grains such as Ribe and Sant’Andrea or types treated as parboiled are fine. For a refined touch on the table try oriental varieties such as fragrant Thai rice or Basmati, for a scenographic dish instead use black Venere rice.


02) COOKING: For this type of preparation the beans must be al dente and cooked in plenty of water. After draining the rice, cool it with cold water and drain it well again, spread it on a clean tea towel and let it dry. Flavoring the cooking water with aromatic herbs or with spices will leave a very special taste and there will be no need for large seasonings. For example, try star anise or some mint leaves for a fresh taste.


03) INGREDIENTS: Avoid ready-made seasonings in a jar and prefer fresh and seasonal ingredients, at most 3 or 4 in order not to load the dish of too many flavors. Choose the colors well because the eye also wants its part: if you use Venus rice, you prefer bright contrasting colors such as yellow or play with complementary colors such as red tomatoes and green rocket. Last recommendation: pay attention to the ingredients that could release water (tomatoes) and to those that could oxidize or change color such as avocado.


04) DRESSING: Do not use ready-made sauces such as mayonnaise and instead season with a drizzle of olive oil or a splash of lemon depending on the ingredients you will use. Also remember to add spices like oregano if among the ingredients there are mozzarella and tomato, mint if there are eggplants in the dressing, sesame that goes well with fish and meat based ingredients.


05) HOW TO SERVE: Rice salad should always be served at a cool temperature: therefore remember to take it out of the fridge a quarter of an hour before serving. For the service, space for creativity: use the single-dose forms for desserts or fill the bowls / soup plates to the brim by gently squeezing and then pouring them onto the plate. For a truly spectacular result, use the rind of a melon or any hard rind fruit.

the recipes

Try out new things in the kitchen with our recipes! From simple dishes to the more elaborate preparations, the quality and originality of our products will enhance the taste and visual appeal of your recipes.

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