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The excellence of salads

grown respecting the environment


every meal is a choice

Every meal is the conscious choice of bringing products to the table that have a carefully selected origin: they are all harvested, processed and transformed fully respecting the environment and complying with high-quality standards.


Organic production is a choice of respect towards the land and protection towards consumers. Applying an organic farming method means developing a production model which avoids over-exploitation of natural resources, and which lasts over time without using substances from chemical synthesis.

interpreting our customers’ needs

Our attention during the processing of products and our focus on customer needs are the true centre of our work, each and every day. Starting from these solid foundations, we try to interpret consumption needs based on different locations and lifestyles: this is how we give birth to organic product lines.

All orders placed from 12.00 on Thursday will be processed on the following Monday morning to avoid the storage of the fresh product in the DHL warehouses.Ok

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